Find out everything you need to get started by taking the tour. If you still have questions, come back and check out the pinned articles, if you still need help contact us: admin@naijacommunityincanada.com

What type of questions can I ask?

Any question about life in Canada or any question the Nigerian community can help with

I don’t have a question, can I post an information?

Yes, you are very welcome to share beneficial information with the community. You can do this from the Submit Post tab

I have not yet arrived in Canada but I’m working towards moving to Canada, can I join the community?

You are very welcome to join the community and ask questions regarding immigration 

I am not a Nigerian but I reside in Canada, can I join the community?

No, this community is strictly for Nigerians and the admins of the site do verification from time to time

How can I pin my question to the top of the page?

Simply contact the admins through the "Pin Your Question" tab and you will receive a guide

There is an offensive response to my question, what can I do?

Click on the report tab and the admins will take it up. Offensive and abusive questions would be removed from the site and the poster would be banned from the community